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CTS provide one-on-one coaching with company team members and leaders to explore their work styles, strengths, growth opportunities, and unconscious bias that can hold them back and prevent progression actualisation. Our coaching develops awareness and understanding and boosts impact and performance. 

Participants learn more effective ways to lead, inspire and engage others.

Our systems-based approach builds the strengths and abilities of leaders in the context of their employer's values, goals and culture. We focus on improving communication, collaboration and competence.

We use our comprehensive TLIC (Think, Lead Influence, Change) as a framework to construct the coaching program from, and then customise our system to produce data-driven, relevant insights that determine areas of focus for developing the coachee, the team, and the organisation. 


  • Using reflection and feedback as a tool to deepen the coachee's self-awareness and influence on goal achievement.

  • Preparation of emerging leaders for role expansion.

  • Personal, team and organisational goals are achieved.

  • Success factors are defined.

  • Strategic thinking, delegation and resource management are developed.

  • Counter-productive behaviours are identified and modified.

  • Presence, influence, and interpersonal skills are enhanced.

  • Relationships with managers, peers and direct reports become stronger.


If you are ready to see your supervisors and managers Think, Lead, Influence and Change, contact the friendly team at CTS today. 


9 Craigie Street, Davenport, WA, 6230

PO Box 6064, South Bunbury, WA, 6230

Phone: + 61 1300 262 807


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