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For over twenty years, as we have worked with frontline staff in a variety of workplaces and work contexts, we have confimed our belief that true frontline competency can be broken into four interrelated and yet highly separate components.

Explore THINK LEAD INFLUENCE CHANGE to find out how it can help you and your business reach your fullest potential.  Inspect each component to see how each element requires focus and skilled application if an individual and company is to be rewarded.  Learn more about how to access and implement the framework through the Toolkit  menu. Then call us for an obligation free discussion to find out how we can help you incorporate TLIC into your organisation.  

TLIC Overview

Over the last ten years as we have worked with frontline staff in a variety of workplaces and work contexts, Read More

TLIC Fundamental Concepts

The fundamental components of the TLICTM system are represented by a Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel serves as a metaphor Read More

The TLIC Components


    Where it all starts Thinking is a skill that must be learnt, just like any other workplace skill. As people Read More
  • LEAD

    Why you must be able to LEAD  Leadership is a mandatory application for frontline staff, but you cannot lead others Read More

    Why is it important to INFLUENCE? Effective leadership today is about influence, not authority. Your ability to succeed, therefore, is Read More

    What is change? Continuous and quality improvements are not possible without change. A great organisation and the great leaders within Read More
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 Each of the components of the TLICTM model have distinct sub-elements, that address the most common aspects of the role
Read More

The TLIC Advantage

What advantages could be expected from a TLIC graduate? Frontline managers have the responsibility and authority to manage and achieve Read More

TLIC Products Suite

Our experiences have taught us that no matter how hard you try, there is never a universal solution to a Read More
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