Getting Certified

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To use LinkPADD effectively and give your business or project a rapid acceleration in the quality of its outcomes, there are four levels of certification.  Level 4 is the highest user level, reserved for the key decision makers in a business or project.

Imagine having an intelligent performance management system that not only helps develop individual potential but also collectively strengthens the internal processes of the organisation through the use of an interactive org chart designed to help managers strengthen systems and processes.

LinkPADD does all this and more.

LinkPADD has now become an Australian success story.

A key feature of LinkPADD is that users must be certified, a move designed to stop widespread misinterpretation happening in the system, which is a key failing of many other systems.

Certification is available for:

  • L1 and L2 Supervisors
  • R3 Managers
  • R4 Directors/Owners

This system can easily be bolted on to what you have in place now.  Wherever you need to improve a department or work group this is your tool to do it.

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