TLIC Products Suite

managerstoolkitOur experiences have taught us that no matter how hard you try, there is never a universal solution to a problem. With this thought in mind, TLICTM has a range of tools that are designed to be as adaptive as possible to suit the unique needs of you or your organisation.

The TLICTM Toolkit includes:

  • Options for the individual or the organisation
  • Options for new or for experienced frontline staff
  • Low cost opportunities for personal development
  • Onsite coaching and mentoring activities to help staff connect theory to practice
  • Off-site workshops and mentoring sessions
  • Links to nationally recognised training for those who wish to achieve qualifications as a result of their training
  • A range of resources designed to support individual or group learning and development
  • A customisable managers toolkit to enhance or sustain more effective performance management
  • Access to our highly qualified staff
  • The ability to customise any of the above options to suit your exact needs

  • TLIC Framework and Resource for Frontline Managers - a practical resource as a development opportunity for frontline staff.  Relevant to new and existing frontline managers, this resource provides practical information, guidance and advice on how to become more effective and efficient in the role of the frontline manager - Hard Copy $33.00, 6 months online access $22.00
  • TLIC Activity Book - a companion to the TLIC Framework and Resource for Frontline Managers, this activity book is a must-have for those who want to take their practical and hands on learning experience to the next level.  With a range of activities includig quizzes and self evaluations to learn more about yourself, this activity book will heop to consolidate your theory into practice - Hard Copy $22.00
  • Performance Management for Frontline Managers - Hard copy $22.00
  • Gap Assessment Tool 
  • MindFit - "How to Create a Kickass Workforce to Achieve Long-term Business Excellence" - available at Booktopia and other leading book sellers
  • 360 degree feedback tool $22.00
  • Click Colour Cards $26.00


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