TLIC Fundamental Concepts

The fundamental components of the TLICTM system are represented by a Ferris Wheel.

The Ferris Wheel serves as a metaphor to remind individuals and organisations of the responsibility that exists for people to THINK, LEAD,  INFLUENCE and CHANGE in their approach to work. If organisations and individuals alike were to take the time to reflect on the form and function of a Ferris Wheel, they would realise the following truths:

The machine is only effective when all the working parts are in order:

  1.  The machine is only effective when all the working parts are in order
  2. A Ferris Wheel with a weak base will be critically unstable and unsafe to operate
  3. A Ferris Wheel with an unbalanced or fractured central hub will not rotate smoothly and may even be dangerous
  4. The outer wheel of the Ferris Wheel creates the experience - the carriages and wheel size are the point of difference.

If you take these four truths, you can see that:

  1. A good frontline manager must have abilities to THINK, LEAD, INFLUENCE and CHANGE in order to be holisitically effective in the role.
  2. A strong base of knowledge and understanding underpins every aspect of the role.
  3. At the core of the success of the individual lies their ability to demonstrate personal and professional leadership and management skills; and
  4. It is only when Frontline staff step forward to influence and change outcomes and operations that we really see growth and improvement in the workplace.

What if it's broken?brokengirl

"The integrity of the Ferris Wheel is critical to those who take the ride

As you can see, all the components of the Ferris Wheel are interrelated: 

  • The carriages rely on the wheel structure.
  • The wheel structure relies on the central hub assembly.
  • The whole machine relies on the base or support structure.
  • A Ferris Wheel with great integrity and structural soundness is capable of years of safe operation.

If the Ferris Wheel that represents you, or your organisation, is broken in some way, then you can be sure that operations are not as effective, efficient or productive. They may even be unsafe. If your Ferris Wheel is broken then you do not need to build a new one. Like all good machine repairs you will run diagnostic tests to determine where there is room for improvement or requirements for repairs and then address these in order of priority so that you may continue to achieve quality outcomes.


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