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Mental Fitness Summit 2018

Creating Mentally Fit Workplaces

Just like training for physical fitness, getting mentally fit has a wide range of benefits for individuals, including resilience, fulfillment and improved wellbeing. Proactive approaches to mental fitness can benefit organisations as well, contributing to improved company culture, innovation and organisational development, leading to productivity and an engaged workforce.

The inaugural Mental Fitness Summit 2018 is themed "Creating Mentally Fit Workplaces".
No other conference in Australia offers a comprehensive approach to mental fitness in the workplace.
Attendees come away from the Summit armed with meaningful and practical tools to ensure they can adopt and implement ideas in their lives and in their workplaces.

We are proud to announce John K Williams - our Managing Director and Co-Author of "Mindfit" - How to create a kick-ass workforce and achieve long-term business excellence" is a keynote speaker at this summit.  



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