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February 2020 Safety Rep Course Feedback

good jobWell done to the safety reps who participated in and successfully completed our first public safety rep course in 2020.  When we asked "What has made the biggest impact on your confidence as a SHREP?" - we got some terrific responses.

"Personal conversations with the facilitators - have walked away feeling empowered and motivated.  You guys do a great job - Thank you"

"Understanding the role of being a Safety and Health Rep"

 "Not being concerned about having conversations, or raising concerns with others"

 "The OSH Act/Regulations having a good understanding"

 "How empowered I feel with the info I have been given by this course"

 "The role play - and being able to discuss freely"

 "Knowledge Knowledge, Knowledge"

 "Understanding the role in it's entity"

 "That changing one thing could make a huge difference"

"I now truly understand my duties and responsibilities"

Thanks to the trainers for once again delivering an outstanding course.  And thanks to the Lighthouse Bunbury who made sure the venue and catering was fabulous. 

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Electing a Safety and Health Representative - new templates from WorkSafe

WorkSafe has compiled a series of tools to assist you in electing safety and health representatives.  These templates are intended to assist by simplifying the multifaceted safety and health representative nomination and election process.


Safety reps make a difference

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Another Group of Happy SHREPS

SHREPS March19


We had a large group of elected Safety Representatives successfully complete their 5 day Introductory SHREP course and 2 day refreshers last week.  Many thanks to all the trainers for making this course so interesting, practical and fun.  Best aspects of the course according to two of our participants - "Dynamically presented - good array of talking/video/group activities" - CG  "Simon's jokes! No, the amount of information and the fact that all presenters really know their stuff"- CS


For more information and dates or to book into one of SHREP courses click here.


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Providing a Mentally Healthy Workplace - New Infographic

mental health infographic 1000 x 600px

"Providing a mentally healthy workplace not only protects workers from psychological harm, it positively enhances their mental health and can improve business productivity" - safe work australia

safe work australia has released an updated infographic showing key data on the rate, type and causes of mental health issues in the workplace, to help focus on how to reduce these statistics.

The infographic can be downloaded from the safe work australia website.

Additional resources are available from the safe work australia website including National guidance material "Work-related psychological health and safety - A systematic approach to meeting your duties" released January 2019

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