High Impact Short Courses for Your Workplace

highimpactWhat can you achieve in two or three hours?  Did you know that regardless of the job you have, there is always a need for bringing more than just your functional expertise?

To compliment your operational job core competenceis, you are required to possess a set of skills that is oftern referred to as soft skills.  Companies value soft skills as they can be just as important to workplace performance as hard skills.  Employees not having these skills cost businesses thousands of dollars per year.

CTS now provide short, sharp, bite-sized workshops to support the additional job requirements of important interpersonal and influencing skills capacity of current and future employees.   

A short description of each course is shown below.  These courses are delivered on demand in your workplace.  Download flyer

Throughout the year we also offer three hour public workshops in Bunbury around various themes.  Workshops run from 9.00am to 12pm.  Cost is $110 per person.  If you are already enrolled in a business or management course at CTS and a topic is of interest, you are welcome to attend at no cost - but you must let your trainer know prior to attending so that we have enough resources prepared.  

Click on the links at left to book into a public course.


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