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How to be a better listener so you don't miss a beat

Being a good listener can be more important than being a great speaker.  It helps you understand a situation better.  

Are you wanting to build your leadership skills or looking for your next promotion?

Listen to these 4 excellent reasons why this skill is a workplace must-have!

  1. Others find value in having a person who reaches out and shows true understanding
  2. Knowing and acknowledging the issues that face your team will make them feel valued and inspire respect and confidence
  3. You can gain a better understanding of problems that require considered solutions
  4. You will be more open to the experiences and perspectives of peers, and therefore be better able to assist in problem solving and conflict diffusion

Utilise this interactive two hour crash course to improve not only your listening skills, but the quality of your relationships with others as a result.  Book your place for only $77.00 or early bird bookings available for $66.00.  

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