Mental Fitness & Mental Health

Mental Fitness & Mental Health

MentalHealthMental Fitness & Mental Health are two different concepts:

Mental Fitness is the wellness of the organisational culture - in the realm of sociology

Mental Health is the wellness of the individual - in the realm of psychology

Organisational mental fitness does not guarantee individual mental health.  It can, however, influence individual mental health in a big way.

The playing field of workplace achievement is not level.

It slopes down towards the negative.

If you do nothing about workplace culture, it backslides.  The ability to arrest this slide and keep moving upstream to the positive is a measure of effective leadership.

Developing Mental Fitness in organisations fells like hard work sometimes, because it requires constant attention.  You and your organisation are either working towards Mental Fitness or sliding away from it.  It's like your golf swing.  Without constant practice you will find it harder and harder to keep it on track. 







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