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Mental Fitness Summit - an explosion of talented mental fitness professionals

Mental fitness is associated with positive mind states such as resilience, cheerfulness and adaptability. It is the culture, the mindset, the tool for ensuring you have the most effective and efficient workforce possible. Away from work mental fitness includes diet, sleep and a host of other elements which allow an individual to always be at their Everybest

Everybest is a term that we have phrased to indicate personal effectiveness. With the ever increasing anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue and burnout incidents happening at work, companies must further develop their culture to avoid these types of workers comp and performance issues.

The Mental Fitness Summit was a one day explosion of talented mental fitness professionals presenting hints, tips and ideas on how to build individual and workplace mental fitness.

The subjects covered at the Summit included:

• Mental health at work

• Brain health

• Nutrition

• Fatigue

• Skills of the modern age/Leadership


We also had two panel discussions covering:

• Creating mentally fit workplaces, and

• What is the future of work and how do we adapt?

Our speakers and panel members were mostly experienced practitioners who have been working in their particular area of mental fitness for some time.
As a panel member of the Creating Mentally Fit Workplaces I was able to relate examples of how we have helped develop mental fitness through describing some of our programs and initiatives and answering questions from the floor on the subject matter.

In our book, Mindfit – How to create a kickass workforce and achieve long term business excellence (Wiley 2018) we have clearly described how a workplace can build mental fitness and provided a range of case studies to explain our work. Mental fitness programs can drive down workers compensation premiums and other insurance costs because they focus on the very items that are driving premiums to very high rates.

The summit was a great success. Every presentation and panel session just kept adding value to the day. A great event and one not to miss next year. See you there.
John Williams, CEO, Combined Team Services.

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