Wonderful Safety Representative Course Feedback

Jonathan and Simon have just succesfully delivered another 5 day Safety Representative Course.  Feedback from all participants was fantastic and one of the participants sent an email after they completed the course to let me know what a great course it was - which I have permission to share -

I'd like to pass on my thanks again to both Jonathan and Simon for delivering a great course. My outlook on the SHREP position, and the nitty gritty part of safety in the workplace has spun 180 this week! I came into the course with a high regard for safety in the workplace, but I thought the legal and in depth information was going to bore me to tears. In fact it did the complete opposite and I could not wait to come back and learn more everyday! As a fire and rescue volunteer I have seen some nasty accidents like Jonathan and Simon have, and it brings me comfort knowing that there are people out there who are so passionate about changing the way people regard safety in the workplace. This will definitely reduce the ripple affect in the community caused by these kinds of incidents when people are made aware of such simple decisions that can change a day at work.  - BD



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We are still open for business

For years, CTS has been doing things just that little bit differently and providing niche market services to clients and customers all over the state.  The COVID-19 pandemic though has ushered in new rules and regulations.  Organisations that want to survive in this new era must adopt new ways of doing business.  

Our team has set up home based offices to minimise the likelihood of spreading or catching the virus.  We are keeping up with the latest news, rules and regulations.  Luckily for us, we had already been working to set up virtual classrooms, tutorials, online learning and one to one virtual coaching and support for our clients.  COVID-19 means we have accelerated this new way of delivery to more of our courses.   If/when we are placed into lockdown we can continue to support our clients.

Our one on once coaching work across the state has taught us many things about adult learning and what a challenge this can be when it has to be done from a distance, so we already know that what we have to offer works.  So, while you might see less of our people face to face, you will still hear their voices and see their faces on conference calls.

Our services include:

  • Coaching for performance management, personal development and skill building - using virtual conferencing
  • Business, safety and leadership qualifications available online through our dedicated learning portal at https://ctslearningacademy.com.au/
  • Safety auditing, inspections, procedure writing

So don't hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you during this challenging time.  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1300 262 807.

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February 2020 Safety Rep Course Feedback

good jobWell done to the safety reps who participated in and successfully completed our first public safety rep course in 2020.  When we asked "What has made the biggest impact on your confidence as a SHREP?" - we got some terrific responses.

"Personal conversations with the facilitators - have walked away feeling empowered and motivated.  You guys do a great job - Thank you"

"Understanding the role of being a Safety and Health Rep"

 "Not being concerned about having conversations, or raising concerns with others"

 "The OSH Act/Regulations having a good understanding"

 "How empowered I feel with the info I have been given by this course"

 "The role play - and being able to discuss freely"

 "Knowledge Knowledge, Knowledge"

 "Understanding the role in it's entity"

 "That changing one thing could make a huge difference"

"I now truly understand my duties and responsibilities"

Thanks to the trainers for once again delivering an outstanding course.  And thanks to the Lighthouse Bunbury who made sure the venue and catering was fabulous. 

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Electing a Safety and Health Representative - new templates from WorkSafe

WorkSafe has compiled a series of tools to assist you in electing safety and health representatives.  These templates are intended to assist by simplifying the multifaceted safety and health representative nomination and election process.


Safety reps make a difference

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Another Group of Happy SHREPS

SHREPS March19


We had a large group of elected Safety Representatives successfully complete their 5 day Introductory SHREP course and 2 day refreshers last week.  Many thanks to all the trainers for making this course so interesting, practical and fun.  Best aspects of the course according to two of our participants - "Dynamically presented - good array of talking/video/group activities" - CG  "Simon's jokes! No, the amount of information and the fact that all presenters really know their stuff"- CS


For more information and dates or to book into one of SHREP courses click here.


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