IT Training Calendar Bunbury

September 2019

  Sept Days *GST Free
Microsoft Excel Introduction 16 1 $410*
Microsoft Excel Intermediate 17 1 $410*
Microsoft Project Introduction 18 1 $450*

October 2019

  Oct Days *GST Free
Microsoft Flow 15 ½ $295*
Microsoft PowerApps 15 ½ $295*
Microsoft Project Intermediate 16 1 $450*
Microsoft OneNote Paperless Office 17 1 $450*

November 2019

  Nov Days *GST Free
Microsoft Word Introduction 19 1 $410*
Adobe Acrobat Essentials 20 1 $450*
Microsoft Excel Dashboards & Power Tools 21 1 $450*

December 2019

  Dec Days *GST Free
Microsoft Word Intermediate 11 1 $410*
Collaborate with Office 365 12 1 $450*
Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables / Pivot Charts 13 ½ $295*
Microsoft Excel - Organise Worksheet Data 13 ½ $295

Computer Training

ATI Logo 2017 RGBCTS is pleased to bring interactive, practical and hands on IT training to Bunbury in partnership with ATI-Mirage

ATI-Mirage is one of the top Registered Training Organisations in Perth, with over 120 short courses available and training facilities located in the heart of the CBD.  CTS is excited to announce that ATI-Mirage and CTS have partnered to bring computer training to Bunbury.  Courses scheduled include Microsoft Excel, Word, OneNote, Project, Sharepoint and Outlook.   ATI-Mirage courses are interactive, practical and hands on and post course support is available via their help desk.  

And the good news is that even if you don't have time to attend a scheduled course they can organise an expert roving trainer to work side by side with your team members who require personalised guidance in any desktop application.  

Click here for course dates and to book. 

For more information simply call ATI-Mirage on 08 9218 9059 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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